Plumtree Software announced availability of the Plumtree Gadget Suite for Actuate and a partnership with Actuate Corporation. Plumtree Portal Gadgets are plug-in portal components that deliver services from enterprise applications and Internet sites to the business desktop. The Plumtree Gadget Suite for Actuate is designed to integrate services from e.Reporting Suite 5, Actuate’s Information Delivery capabilities, into the Plumtree Corporate Portal. Users can now access Actuate business reports and content including 401K statements, performance reports and other corporate information from the same personalized Internet desktop they use to check e-mail, sales leads and market news. Users can browse the Actuate Encyclopedia, a list of folders that contain e.Reports. Users can select which e.Reports they wish to view from the folders and can easily drill down and review the report content. Users can specify which e.Reports they wish to view and search the reports or download them in PDF, XML, or DHTML format. Users can subscribe to select channels based on associated e.Reports to find out when information is new or changed. When an e.Report is modified, subscribers are informed of any updates. Plumtree-Actuate channel partner Blackstone Technology Group created the gadgets in JSP. The gadgets are currently available.,