UserLand Software announced the release of Radio UserLand, software that brings the power of Web Services and XML to the personal computer desktop. UserLand is working with Microsoft and others to facilitate both XML-based interoperability conventions and a new generation of Web Services built on those standards. Radio is a powerful news publishing and routing tool that runs on the desktop, patterned after the easy to use “weblog” concept, and supports web services protocols such as SOAP and XML-RPC, co-developed by Microsoft, Developmentor, IBM and the open source development community. Radio comes with a built-in XML-based application that streams news from publications such as Red Herring, Wired News, Salon, CNN, Reuters, the San Jose Mercury-News, Motley Fool, Internet.Com, and from news sites such as Tomalak’s Realm, AppleSurf, Slashdot.Org, XML.Com, Freshmeat and Scripting News. Thousands of compatible XML-based news feeds are available in RSS format, co-developed by UserLand and Netscape. Radio UserLand is available for free download at . A subsequent version to be released in Q3 2001 will be available as a commercial product.