Portal Wave Inc. announced new relationships with Autonomy Corp. plc, GoAmerica Inc., iSyndicate Inc., Moreover Inc., WebEx Communications Inc., and YellowBrix Inc. With these relationships, the enterprise application portal will now allow users to conduct comprehensive searches of disparate data sources, access EAPs from their wireless devices of choice, view thousands of news sources from the Internet and launch Web services such as Web conferencing. As necessary, Portal Wave has integrated each partner’s products into the portal using its Wavelet Development Kit (WDK). The WDK empowers Portal Wave customers, system integrators and solution partners to create new or modify existing Wavelets. Part of Portal Wave’s architecture, Wavelets are plug-in software modules — or mini-applications — that run through the portal, each encapsulating a different business process. Wavelets do everything from capturing syndicated content from the Internet to running enterprise level B2B functionality such as commerce transactions. www.portalwave.com