The 2Bridge Personal Portal lets users create a personalized command center for accessing, permissioning, publishing and sharing web services, documents and rich media, providing a gateway to people, colleagues and communities. The Personal Portal Server can be managed as part of a federated enterprise network of peer-to-peer portal and content servers. The Personal Portal brings a new level of interface and front-end application functionality to browser users. This next-generation multipanel presentation and application framework expands the web browser into “browslets,” or discrete actionable spaces, each of which can be configured and personalized for distributed, shared application services enabling a new, richer form of personalized, peer-to-peer communications. With Personal Portal you can: Use panels to communicate and link devices, including the ability to send email and communicate with wireless devices such as phones or PDAs; Multicast by creating your own content that can be shared with a community of users; Stream application data and business-critical information onto your desktop; And authenticate from any JNDI source, such as LDAP, NT user database, or UNIX permissioning system. It is written in Java and XML and fully browser-based. The 2Bridge Personal Portal will be licensed to enterprises, independent software vendors, system integrators and Value-Added Resellers.