eXcelon Corporation introduced eXcelon Portal Server 3.0. Portal Server 3.0 includes a new integrated XML development environment, support for the latest XML standards, and enhanced scalability and performance. Portal Server 3.0 includes new tools and capabilities that make it easier for companies to aggregate data and content from any source into a common XML-based business information model. Stylus Studio provides a visual debugging platform for XSLT, greatly reducing the time to deploy new client or server applications that include both XSLT and user-defined Java extension functions. Stylus Studio also includes an XML Editor to load and manipulate large XML files, a DTD and XML Schema editor, as well as a visual XML-to-XML mapping facility for easily defining XSLT transformations between XML documents with sup-port for DTD and XML Schemas. Portal Server aggregates data from as many as 30 disparate sources, such as structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, as well as legacy data for-mats such as COBOL files and mainframe data, and makes it available to new e-business appli-cations. Portal Server converts the data from the sources and manages it as XML so developers can build applications using standards-based XML languages. The beta version of eXcelon’s Portal Server 3.0 is available now as part of eXcelon’s official open beta test (www.exceloncorp.com/beta/b2bps.html). Portal Server 3.0 will be available on the Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris 7 and Solaris 8 platforms. Portal Server 3.0 is expected to be gener-ally available within 45 days. eXcelon Stylus Studio is expected to be available as a stand-alone product in the second quarter of 2001. A beta version is available for download at www.exceloncorp.com/beta/studio.html. Pricing will be announced closer to availability.