eBT Integrates Engenda with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server
eBT announced integration between eBT’s engenda content management solution and BEA WebLogic Personalization Server. The integration enables dynamic composition and delivery of highly personalized Web pages, based on XML content fragments stored within engenda. With the engenda and WebLogic Personalization Server integration, personalized Web pages can be constructed from many reusable XML fragments to provide a unique view of a site’s content. Additionally, the ability of WebLogic Personalization Server to leverage engenda’s rich metadata querying capabilities allows an application to pinpoint and deliver content fragments to a spe-cific user, based on their personalized profile. The enhanced integration goes beyond simple repository service by adding the ability for WebLogic Personalization Server to query content and retrieve fragments of documents from engenda’s content repository. These fragments can be used and reused to efficiently compile complete Web pages specific to the unique needs of each site visitor, without having to compose multiple versions of the same content. engenda will ship with the BEA WebLogic Personalization Server integration in version 4.7, available in March 2001. www.ebt.com