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Day: October 9, 2000

IntraNet Solutions Partners with RESoft

IntraNet Solutions, Inc. announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with RESoft, Inc. IntraNet Solutions’ Xpedio Content Management system will be an integral component of RESoft’s new document management suite of products, REDocs. REDocs enables real estate owners and operators to easily manage property and portfolio information in a secure Web-based environment, as well as offer their customers, employees, partners and vendors access to real estate information through any Internet browser anytime from anywhere in the world. REDocs is sold to end users under an ASP model. REDocs users can enhance core real estate business processes such as leasing, property management, vendor procurement, acquisition, disposition and financing. Content is converted to Web formats that users can then access from any Internet-connected device. In addition, the Xpedio-powered REDocs system offers security, search capabilities, subscriptions and version management, as well as other robust business content management features. IntraNet Solutions also has granted RESoft rights to resell all IntraNet Solutions products to the commercial real estate industry in the U.S. and Canada.,

Eprise & Ektron Join Forces on Content Management Solution

Eprise Corporation and Ektron, Inc. announced an OEM partnership whereby Ektron’s eWebEditPro WYSIWYG Web edit tool will be embedded into the next release of Eprise Participant Server. By joining forces, the two companies extend Eprise Participant Server’s support for non-technical business users. Ektron’s technology allows non-technical business professionals using Eprise Participant Server to gain a new level of sophistication in their ability to create Web content and publish it directly to their site — while working within stylistic parameters set forth by the corporate Webmaster. eWebEditPro’s familiar editing toolbar allows users to format text, create tables, check spelling, insert images, create hyperlinks and more. IT staff can maintain necessary controls by configuring the solution to ensure that the overall look and feel of the site remains intact.,

Context Media Integrates Content Through Dreamweaver

Context Media, Inc., announced a new technology promotion agreement between the two companies, Context Media will enable Macromedia Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver UltraDev users to easily acquire compelling, syndicated rich-media content through the Context Media Interchange Platform, and automatically integrate this content into their Web pages and applications. For the 70 percent of professional Web developers who already use Macromedia Dreamweaver this feature will make it even easier to create compelling, sticky web sites by easily adding syndicated audio, video and animated content elements into their Web development process. The Interchange Platform aggregates rich media content from creative development companies, giving them the ability to create new sources of revenue by providing a powerful new way to license, manage and distribute their assets to partners and affiliates. The Interchange Platform goes beyond simple encoding, logging, tagging, streaming and syndicating of rich-media content assets. Instead, it gives companies the ability to draw on the strengths of all those basic processes and build on them to create new business models and generate new sources of revenue from high-value content assets. Using XML, Context Media is helping companies create, manage and distribute Intelligent Content that can deliver value to multiple points and on multiple platforms.

Percussion & Information Architects to Offer B2B Content Delivery

Percussion Software and Information Architects (iA) announced a partnership that will allow their customers to manage content in real time on the Internet. The combination of iA’s SmartCode and Percussions’ Rhythmyx Content Manager enable companies to integrate content from disparate data sources and effectively manage and publish the content for various audiences in real time. In addition, Percussion will license iA’s PDF-to-HTML converter in order to offer customers the ability to dynamically convert Adobe PDF files into HTML. Rhythmyx utilizes XML and XSL as enabling technologies, complementing iA’s SmartCode. The integrated solution leverages next-generation XML, XSL and Java technologies to provide companies with the means to more effectively develop, manage and deploy Web sites that enable information flow from any content source to any audience. Together they offer the combination of real time syndication and aggregation of content from any data source to any Web site or connected device — browser, mobile phone or PDA — with “on-the-fly” transformation to meet the formatting requirements of each site or device without having to repeat the business logic.,

IT & EC Industries Announce RosettaNet Implementation

More than 60 companies with headquarters in Asia, Europe and the Americas are gathering to announce success in implementing global e-business process standards within the IT and electronic components (EC) industries. Organized around “10.10.2000,” a milestone marking production-system implementation of RosettaNet standards, this gathering of supply chain partners and solution partners represents substantial industry-wide participation and velocity. Approximately 80 percent of IT and EC Board Member companies have connected with trading partners to implement RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs). RosettaNet PIPs are system-to-system XML-based dialogs critical to aligning business processes in the supply chain. Working in concert with trading partners are solution providers who deliver system integration, software development and consulting services; RosettaNet membership contains nearly 150 Solution Partner companies that are committed to speeding adoption of RosettaNet standards. The creation this month of a Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) Board extends the reach of RosettaNet through the design and manufacture of semiconductors used in a wide range of computer and electronic systems. RosettaNet will also roll out a new PIP assembly line methodology designed to accelerate development and input processes.

Microsoft Exchange 2000; Tahoe Beta Available

Microsoft Corp. announced that the Exchange 2000 product line is now generally available to customers, developers, partners and ASPs worldwide. The following are among the new features and enhancements for Exchange 2000: Instant messaging with presence information. Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server enables workers to schedule, manage and participate in multiparty voice, video and data conferences. The Outlook Web Access client gives users convenient access to e-mail, appointments and contacts from any Internet-connected PC. Enhancements include additional Outlook behaviors such as drag-and-drop capability and improvements by tenfold in scalability and performance. An extended platform for unified messaging makes possible a single inbox for the management of all important business communications including e-mail, voice mail and fax. Exchange 2000 also supports voice profile for Internet messaging (VPIM), enabling interoperability between separate voice mail systems. The announcement includes related products: Local Web Storage System, Mobile Information 2001 Server, a new server application code-named “Tahoe,” and a new visual development tool code-named “Office Designer” — which all take advantage of the new Web Storage System, a native XML information repository. “Tahoe,” delivers a flexible portal solution, enables users to easily find, share and publish information. Key design functionality of “Tahoe” includes: Search and organization; “Tahoe” includes an out-of-the-box Digital Dashboard-based portal providing one-step access to business-critical information. Using Web Parts, the portal can be customized with information and resources most valuable to users’ jobs. The search technology simplifies finding and aggregating information from across the company’s other “Tahoe” servers, Exchange public folders, file servers, intranet servers and Internet servers, as well as Lotus Domino databases. Documents can be checked-in and checked-out, sent through an approval process and published to the “Tahoe” portal from within Office 2000, “Office 10,” a Web browser or the Microsoft Windows Explorer. Built on the Web Storage System, “Tahoe” provides developers with a set of services for building Web-based collaborative applications using common tools and interfaces. Exchange 2000 Server, Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server and Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server are available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Evaluation versions are at The “Tahoe” beta is available at General “Tahoe” availability is scheduled for the first half of 2001.

Vignette & FileNET Team on Applications for Process-Intensive Businesses

FileNET Corp. and Vignette Corp. announced they have formed a partnership to integrate FileNET Panagon eProcess technology with the Vignette VSeries for e-business applications. Together, FileNET and Vignette plan to deliver complete e-business solutions to companies with complex customer interaction processes. The companies have multiple common customers in the financial and insurance industries. The two software companies will roll out a family of integration modules beginning in early 2001 that will combine FileNET’s eProcess and eContent infrastructure with the Vignette V/5 Content Management Server, Vignette V/5 Lifecycle Personalization Server and Vignette V/5 Relationship Marketing Server to create interaction-intensive applications such as Web-based loan processing and risk management. FileNET will integrate through the Vignette Application Foundation layer to create its own suite of applications targeting the financial services and insurance industry. The applications will add intelligent response and eMarketing features to FileNET’s process management platform, providing customers with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.,

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