Percussion Software and Information Architects (iA) announced a partnership that will allow their customers to manage content in real time on the Internet. The combination of iA’s SmartCode and Percussions’ Rhythmyx Content Manager enable companies to integrate content from disparate data sources and effectively manage and publish the content for various audiences in real time. In addition, Percussion will license iA’s PDF-to-HTML converter in order to offer customers the ability to dynamically convert Adobe PDF files into HTML. Rhythmyx utilizes XML and XSL as enabling technologies, complementing iA’s SmartCode. The integrated solution leverages next-generation XML, XSL and Java technologies to provide companies with the means to more effectively develop, manage and deploy Web sites that enable information flow from any content source to any audience. Together they offer the combination of real time syndication and aggregation of content from any data source to any Web site or connected device — browser, mobile phone or PDA — with “on-the-fly” transformation to meet the formatting requirements of each site or device without having to repeat the business logic.,