Rational Software announced Rational Suite ContentStudio, a new member of the Rational Suite product family that includes technology from Vignette Corp. to address the needs of e-businesses challenged with managing content and code in complex e-business sites. Rational Suite ContentStudio consists of Rational ClearCase technology, Vignette V/5 Content Management Server, and Rational Suite Team Unifying Platform (Rational Requisite Pro, Rational ClearQuest and Rational Unified Process). The incorporation of Vignette’s technology in Rational Suite ContentStudio is the result of a strategic alliance between the two companies. Rational Suite ContentStudio is designed for e-business development teams that include content contributors, who write, design, edit or approve the information that will be on the site; and software developers, who design, build, and test the code that powers the e-business system. Rational Suite ContentStudio is a product to manage content, code and other software artifacts in a common, software configuration management foundation to unify e-business teams so they can build and deploy sophisticated e-business sites quicker and with higher quality. Rational Suite ContentStudio provides browser-based templating integrated with Rational ClearCase to deliver parallel development capabilities for e-business teams. All content assets, code and other software artifacts are managed with secure version control and can then be deployed to an application server environment in unison. Rational Suite ContentStudio will be available by April 1, 2001. Rational Suite ContentStudio will cost $4,795 per node-locked license and $8,395 per floating license. www.rational.com