IntraNet Solutions, Inc. announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with RESoft, Inc. IntraNet Solutions’ Xpedio Content Management system will be an integral component of RESoft’s new document management suite of products, REDocs. REDocs enables real estate owners and operators to easily manage property and portfolio information in a secure Web-based environment, as well as offer their customers, employees, partners and vendors access to real estate information through any Internet browser anytime from anywhere in the world. REDocs is sold to end users under an ASP model. REDocs users can enhance core real estate business processes such as leasing, property management, vendor procurement, acquisition, disposition and financing. Content is converted to Web formats that users can then access from any Internet-connected device. In addition, the Xpedio-powered REDocs system offers security, search capabilities, subscriptions and version management, as well as other robust business content management features. IntraNet Solutions also has granted RESoft rights to resell all IntraNet Solutions products to the commercial real estate industry in the U.S. and Canada.,