Context Media, Inc., announced a new technology promotion agreement between the two companies, Context Media will enable Macromedia Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver UltraDev users to easily acquire compelling, syndicated rich-media content through the Context Media Interchange Platform, and automatically integrate this content into their Web pages and applications. For the 70 percent of professional Web developers who already use Macromedia Dreamweaver this feature will make it even easier to create compelling, sticky web sites by easily adding syndicated audio, video and animated content elements into their Web development process. The Interchange Platform aggregates rich media content from creative development companies, giving them the ability to create new sources of revenue by providing a powerful new way to license, manage and distribute their assets to partners and affiliates. The Interchange Platform goes beyond simple encoding, logging, tagging, streaming and syndicating of rich-media content assets. Instead, it gives companies the ability to draw on the strengths of all those basic processes and build on them to create new business models and generate new sources of revenue from high-value content assets. Using XML, Context Media is helping companies create, manage and distribute Intelligent Content that can deliver value to multiple points and on multiple platforms.