More than 60 companies with headquarters in Asia, Europe and the Americas are gathering to announce success in implementing global e-business process standards within the IT and electronic components (EC) industries. Organized around “10.10.2000,” a milestone marking production-system implementation of RosettaNet standards, this gathering of supply chain partners and solution partners represents substantial industry-wide participation and velocity. Approximately 80 percent of IT and EC Board Member companies have connected with trading partners to implement RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs). RosettaNet PIPs are system-to-system XML-based dialogs critical to aligning business processes in the supply chain. Working in concert with trading partners are solution providers who deliver system integration, software development and consulting services; RosettaNet membership contains nearly 150 Solution Partner companies that are committed to speeding adoption of RosettaNet standards. The creation this month of a Semiconductor Manufacturing (SM) Board extends the reach of RosettaNet through the design and manufacture of semiconductors used in a wide range of computer and electronic systems. RosettaNet will also roll out a new PIP assembly line methodology designed to accelerate development and input processes.