IONA shipped the final element of the iPortal Suite by delivering the iPortal Server. IONA’s iPortal Server is the web-facing component of an enterprise portal that aggregates back-end applications and manages content to provide customers, suppliers, partners and employees with a single point of access to all of an organization’s business processes and software applications. The iPortal Server ships with IONA’s iPortal Application Server and Orbix 2000 offerings, providing an integrated J2EE-, SOAP-, XML- and CORBA-compliant environment. Further integration with IONA’s iPortal OS/390 Server and the rest of the iPortal Suite enables organizations to build and deploy portals that leverage mainframe, ERP and proprietary enterprise applications. The iPortal Server provides a structured web design process for building, deploying and managing portal applications. By separating content, presentation, business logic and data layers, the iPortal Server’s XML/XSL-based design ensures that web content is architecturally separated from the presentation layer, enabling new business logic or protocols to be added without affecting data or web content, unless desired. This capability enables organizations to scale their Web applications as they evolve. The IONA iPortal Server 1.0, Standard Edition ships this week and is available from IONA and from partners including Compaq, CIBER, SAIC and others. US list pricing starts at $50,000. The iPortal Server supports Windows NT and Solaris 2.7 immediately, and will support Tru64 UNIX in the third quarter. The iPortal Server supports Oracle, Microsoft, Informix, Sybase and IBM databases. The iPortal server, Commerce Edition, featuring a B2B and B2C commerce portal, entered beta today and is expected to be available in the second half of this year. This offering will expand on the plug-in capabilities of the 1.0 Standard Edition, providing additional functionality in the areas of catalog management, inventory management, order management, payment processing, profiling capabilities, search capabilities, auction functionality, price quote management, message board capabilities, Java mail integration services, and others.