ExecuTrain announced that they have joined forces to offer ExecuTrain customers a platform-independent library of on-line content for information technology. Under the agreement, Element K will acquire ExecuTrain’s existing content library and license it on an exclusive basis to ExecuTrain. Element K will create a fully-hosted XML database that will allow ExecuTrain to vastly expand its library of standard and customizable training courses. ExecuTrain instructional designers and editors will adopt Element K’s XML editing tools with on-line access in order to fully leverage the capabilities of Element K’s database of XML learning objects. ExecuTrain will also introduce ExecuTrain University, an on-line university hosted by Element K, which will offer over 400 self-paced and instructor-assisted on-line courses. These on-line learning offerings will be complementary and consistent with ExecuTrain’s classroom-based courses. ExecuTrain can now combine multiple delivery methods, based on the same content and learning methodology, to provide customized learning solutions. With Element K’s proprietary content, ExecuTrain will significantly increase the number of technical courses it offers to IS professionals in areas such as programming, network administration, and Internet technology. The combination of Element K’s content library with ExecuTrain’s assessment technology, on-line university and instructor-led services, enables ExecuTrain to offer a fully-blended technical curriculum to its clients. www.elementk.com, www.executrain.com