Plumtree Software announced a partnership with Interwoven, Inc. The two companies have agreed to co-market and co-sell a joint solution that helps customers share Web and enterprise resources between corporate Web sites and corporate portals. The joint solution expands the number of enterprise application components, Internet services, and Web content that can be syndicated to and from the Plumtree Corporate Portal, and managed by Interwoven TeamSite. Plumtree’s new syndication technology allows Plumtree Portal Gadgets to be widely exported to partners and suppliers. Together, these complementary technologies allow customers to maximize the effectiveness of all Web and enterprise application resources across the extended enterprise. Plumtree Portal Gadgets represent dynamic enterprise application components or Internet services, which can, for example, be used to display sales figures from a database, inventory levels from a supply chain application, unread messages from an e-mail system, or market news from the Internet. Plumtree can now, through its syndication technology, periodically export gadgets as XML objects to TeamSite. TeamSite can then manage each gadget update through a workflow approval process. The portal can thus export gadgets directly to TeamSite or to customer or partner sites, across the Internet, managed by TeamSite.,