Kinecta Corporation (formerly ShiftKey, Inc.) introduced Kinecta Interact, the company’s core platform designed to enable businesses to automatically exchange, manage and transform distributed information. Kinecta Interact is a Distributed Information Management platform, which consists of the high-performance Kinecta Interact Server and Kinecta Interact Subscriber (upgraded versions of the company’s ShiftKey Syndication Server and SiClone Subscriber, respectively). Kinecta Interact version 3.0 includes a new user interface and several new features that enhance and extend the capabilities of the platform. The company’s Java-based, ICE- (Information and Content Exchange) compliant Kinecta Interact platform enables customers to manage thousands of unique information relationships between any number of subscribers. An application of XML, ICE provides a common format for the automatic, controlled exchange and management of online information. Kinecta Interact is composed of two components: The Kinecta Interact Server creates and manages packages of digital assets, called subscriptions, and delivers them to an online network of subscribers. These packages can be automatically and dynamically delivered at any frequency and to any number of subscribers. The Kinecta Interact Subscriber automatically receives, repurposes, and redistributes digital information into any local content repository type (database, file directory, Web server or content management system). It also incorporates Kinecta’s AdaptiveContent technology, which customizes and transforms the content changing its graphical look and feel, or repurposing it to fit into different display formats or output devices such as PDAs and WAP phones. Kinecta is also introducing a free Software Developer’s Kit, with several new APIs to allow extensibility and easier integration with content management and publishing systems. Kinecta Interact 3.0 is expected to begin shipping in March and will be available to existing and new customers at