Vignette Corp. announced the general availability of StoryServer 5.0, the newest version of the company’s product. New features include: Enhanced performance and scalability. StoryServer 5 can provide 30% to 150% improvement in system throughput and scalability — Financial grade security. The standards-based security architecture of StoryServer 5.0 is built on a pervasive security layer using SSL, digital certificates, industrial-strength encryption technology and LDAP-based user management. — And, enriched personalization capabilities. StoryServer 5.0 enhances personalization services with a new recommendation agent, based on the latest version of Net Perceptions Recommendation Engine. The new recommendation agent enables a wider range of personalized recommendations with response times that are up to ten times faster than its standard-setting predecessor. Also, StoryServer 5.0 has been extended to provide out-of-the-box support for enterprise applications that utilize either COM objects or Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). This capability enables rapid deployment of e-business applications where integration with transactional business logic hosted in application servers such as IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Oracle’s Application Server, and BEA’s WebLogic is critical. StoryServer 5.0, available from Vignette and certified resellers, is being shipped to current customers at no cost.