Internet Commerce Corporation (ICC) announced the addition of new XML based capabilities to their Internet EC solutions. Designed for the vast number of suppliers who are not EDI- enabled, this new feature allows small and medium-sized suppliers to connect into EDI-based supply chains through the Internet. Large companies can transmit EDI data to small suppliers who can then receive and respond to this information through their browser. The XML- based service provides a client-server-like closed-loop environment, which eliminates the need to rekey information that originated with a previously received document set. Incorporating the customer’s own data management rules, this real-time document turnaround capability shortens the user learning cycle, and negates transposition errors and non-compliant document sets. ICC’s unique new feature utilizes XML to automatically pre-populate response documents. Client-side editing insures that required fields are properly filled and the document meets all business rules. A unique mapping feature allows customer-specific, familiar forms to be quickly and easily defined for browser display. With the new feature, a large company can transmit EDI and automatically have it mapped to a browser-based form such as a purchase order. The user can “respond” to a purchase order with an invoice, which is automatically pre-populated, edit it online, and transmit it back to the large company as an EDI stream. This creates a closed-loop electronic solution.