OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, announced the restructuring of its membership requirements, widely expanding access to its XML interoperability technical work. The non-profit consortium, which was previously open only to companies who use or provide products or services based on structured information standards such as XML, SGML and CGM, added new membership categories for individuals and associate XML industry groups. Interested parties may apply for membership online at www.oasis-open.org. OASIS membership levels now include Sponsors, Contributors, Individuals and Associates. Organizations participate in OASIS as either Sponsors or Contributors, based on the level of benefits they wish to receive. Sponsors, who take advantage of comprehensive technical and marketing benefits, support the consortium for 9500 USD annually. Contributors, who also benefit from OASIS marketing and technical work, pay 5000 USD (companies with ten or more employees) or 2500 USD (companies with fewer than ten employees). The new Individual Membership, at 250 USD per year, is offered to those who wish to participate in OASIS technical activities. Like all members, Individuals have the right to attend all OASIS general meetings, and they can fully participate in all working groups. At this level, membership is on an individual basis and is not transferable to other individuals. OASIS supports the development of XML specifications by offering an Associate Membership to individuals representing application or industry standards bodies. Associates, who pay 250 USD annually, are individuals appointed by an industry consortium or standards body (recognized as such by the OASIS Board of Directors) to represent the interests of that body in OASIS. Representatives enjoy the same rights and level of service as Individuals; the difference is that representation is transferable between individuals if the designated contact person for the represented organization gives notice. This allows continuity of participation by an organization even when it is necessary to change designated representatives. www.oasis-open.org