Intergraph Corporation announced its Spatially Enabled Document Management System (SEDMS), a new solution combining geographic information systems (GIS) and document management technology with products from Intergraph, SpatialENTERPRISE and FileNET. These companies have merged their technologies to create a geographically oriented document management solution. Now available, SEDMS is web-enabled allowing a variety of users, such as government and transportation professionals, to quickly and easily access business-critical information on the enterprise network, from an intranet or the Internet. SEDMS is comprised of GeoMedia, Panagon Document Services, and SpatialENTERPRISE. Intergraph’s GeoMedia combines seamless data integration with all major GIS vendor formats and an open development platform for creating custom applications. FileNET’s Panagon Document Services information repository enables document management and can view over 200 file types, offering flexibility and reliability. The SpatialENTERPRISE solution links GeoMedia and Panagon Document Services into an integrated environment. With this new SEDMS solution, document access and map displays can all be conducted from a single window. For example, parcels of land can be associated not only with the usual attributes such as area, valuation and owner name, but also with documents such as permit applications, building photographs and crime statistics. Likewise, bridges can be linked to traditional data such as bridge rating, height and width, and also with information such as inspection reports, design drawings and video logs.