Managed Object Solutions, Inc. (MOS) today released Formula version 1.2. This new release integrates with Tivoli Systems TME/10 NetView, Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) and Hewlett-Packard OpenView Network Node Manager, and provides XML support, business-centric views, and centralized automation. Formula makes it easy for service providers and IT departments to manage complex, heterogeneous networks, while allowing them to keep their existing management applications in place. Developed entirely in 100 percent pure Java, Formula integrates data from multiple management applications, and then delivers a secure, customizable enterprise view through any standard Web browser. The new HP and Tivoli adapters add to the list of management systems supported by Formula. All Formula adapters are CORBA-based and bi-directional, providing a greater scope of visibility and tight integration with the underlying platforms. They dynamically learn what the management system knows and therefore require no configuration. Formula’s new XML support simplifies customization of business-centric views. Already capable of providing a universal management console for operations managers, Formula now can take disparate information and organize it on business-centric lines, supplying a specific, valuable view to businesspeople, line-of-business managers and service provider customers.