Infoseek Software, a division of Infoseek Corporation and developer of the Ultraseek Server enterprise search application, and Viador, Inc., a developer of Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) software, announced an agreement that will facilitate an EIP solution to help corporations provide better and easier access to critical business information from intranets, extranets and the Internet. Under this agreement, Viador can embed Ultraseek Server 3.0 into Viador’s E-Portal Suite 6, a new version of the EIP that, with Ultraseek Server’s added capabilities, will access both structured and unstructured data sources, including relational and multidimensional databases, business intelligence reports, news and event data, HTML, Microsoft Office, and Lotus Notes documents, along with other important standard corporate data formats. The relationship also extends the availability of both Ultraseek Server 3.0 and E-Portal Suite 6 through collaborative sales, marketing, support and training efforts. Viador’s E-Portal Suite 6, with Ultraseek Server 3.0, is scheduled for general availability in the third quarter of 1999.,