Intraspect Software announced the release of Intraspect Knowledge Server 2.5 (IKS 2.5), the newest version of its product. With IKS 2.5, Intraspect’s easy-to-use, collaborative software, customers and partners can customize their applications with a unique look and feel as they deploy Collaborative Knowledge Portal applications. IKS also provides powerful ways to extend the reach of enterprise information by including access to legacy data found in Lotus Notes. IKS also includes LDAP support, which will improve directory integration. IKS 2.5 provides new features and benefits that enhance customization and security, and increase access to existing applications, including: Enhanced Customization, Specialized Template Engines, Knowledge Spider for Lotus Notes, Improved Integration using LDAP, and Enhanced Data Exchange Using XML. Purchase Licenses range from $300-$600 per user (based on number of users). Subscriptions from 1 or 3 years range from $80-$440 per user per year (based on number of users).