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NetMarquee Expands Capabilities of InstantEdit

NetMarquee Inc. announced that it has added new features to improve the capabilities and user-friendliness of its InstantEdit content management system. NetMarquee specializes in integrating Internet content, technology and marketing to improve clients’ online direct marketing results. The company’s InstantEdit application is used by clients to review, edit, approve and update Internet content of all types for Web and/or e-mail distribution. The content can include product descriptive information, resource center articles, feature material and corporate overview information. InstantEdit is available for licensing as either a stand-alone product or as part of a package of online direct marketing products and services.

Dataware Announces Knowledge Query Server 2.0

Dataware Technologies, Inc. today announced the Dataware II Knowledge Query Server 2.0, a comprehensive information retrieval solution that seamlessly integrates with corporate intranets — allowing users to simultaneously query multiple information repositories, including internal and external web-based resources such as Lotus Domino databases, document management systems and intranets. Each query returns results in a single, merged and formatted list that is easy for users to understand and act upon. Users need not perform numerous individual searches of knowledge sources inside and outside their organizations — a single search provides a portal to all available information. Knowledge Query Server 2.0 takes advantage of the combined power of leading web search engines — including AltaVista, Northern Light, HotBot, Excite, Fulcrum, Infoseek, Verity, Lycos, Magellan, WebCrawler, DejaNews and other internet or intranet HTTP-compatible search services — and then processes the returns to provide users with unified, intelligently sorted information. Searches can be created to comb multiple intranet-based corporate resources exclusive of the Internet or examine internal and external web-based sources at the same time.

UWI.Com and Commerce One Partner with XML-Based E-Commerce

UWI.Com, and Commerce One, announced a partnership that will integrate Commerce One’s MarketSite and UWI.Com’s InternetForms System, to streamline the supply chain and bring, XML-based e-commerce to all sizes of trading organizations. The integration allows a trading community’s suppliers to interact with MarketSite using InternetForms, which provides simplified supplier integration into the MarketSite marketplace. Typically, suppliers are small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) who still use costly channels such as paper, email, and fax to perform transactions with a MarketSite trading community. For example, historically a supplier has used email or fax to exchange catalog content updates, status updates, invoices, and purchase orders with its trading community, which were then manually entered into MarketSite. Soon, suppliers will be able to connect to a MarketSite trading community with a web browser, open an InternetForm (for example, a catalog content update), fill it out, sign it and submit it, facilitating e-commerce trading with the community and removing manual entry from the process.,

XML Support for Smith-Gardner’s WebOrder

Smith-Gardner & Associates, Inc., provider of enterprise-wide software solutions to the global direct marketing industry, announces that it is adopting XML for its WebOrder system. WebOrder is an Internet commerce system designed to automate the operations of retailers, direct marketers and manufacturers that are selling through non-store channels. XML provides WebOrder with a powerful facility to share back-end enterprise data with other applications in real-time. In addition, WebOrder’s XML DTDs will facilitate ease of integration into heterogeneous web environments. Intelligent information is formatted in multi-dimensional documents that will simplify the exchange and make it available in a user-friendly format. XML will interpret and standardize data from WebOrder, such as real-time inventory status, customer records, customer order history, customer preferences, demographics and further enterprise information. The addition of XML broadens WebOrder’s open technologies: common objects, an open API, an SDK and traditional CGI executables. This will allow WebOrder users to exchange data easily with in-house developed applications and other complementary front-end packages by BroadVision, Interworld, IBM, and others.

Open Market Announces Alliance with Deloitte

Open Market, Inc. and Deloitte Consulting, announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance to offer Internet commerce solutions. Deloitte Consulting will work with Open Market as an e-commerce technology vendor for the Customer Relationship Management practice. As firms finish implementing ERP systems, they face the challenge of how to integrate and streamline their customer-facing business processes. Deloitte Consulting and Open Market will work together by delivering Internet commerce solutions to the industrial business-to-business marketplace, helping users of major ERP applications deploy Internet commerce catalogs rich in merchandising and customer service features.,

Multicosm Announces KnowledgeSuite Software

Multicosm Ltd., a provider of dynamic hypermedia and enterprise knowledge management solutions, announced the availability of its KnowledgeSuite, a flexible framework for managing information and expertise throughout an organization. KnowledgeSuite dynamically records metadata about documents and individuals. The software applies theme extraction and linking technology to find and organize new and archived information, visualize relationships between documents, and enhance a user’s understanding about the areas of expertise of other knowledge workers across an organization. Applications for the product include “super-charged” information retrieval and management, collaborative computing, and expertise identification. The KnowledgeSuite utilizes autonomous agents to monitor selected documents, Web sites, and new information in specified areas of interest. As new documents are presented, they are automatically populated with links to thematically related information on local drives, corporate intranets, and the Web. This allows workers to see their documents in the most up-to-date context and see relevant relationships to similar projects underway in other parts of the company, as well as discover colleagues with similar interests and expertise.

HP Licenses Natural Language Technologies from Inxight

Inxight Software, and Hewlett-Packard have concluded a licensing agreement for Inxight’s Summarizer and LinguistX Platform software components for use in HP Simple Trax. HP SimpleTrax enables users to save, manage and find files easily on CDs. The two natural language technologies from Inxight enable customers to search for and view summaries of text files on CDs – without necessarily having to replace the CD in the drive first. LinguistX Platform is component technology that uses a natural language approach for automatic meta content and knowledge extraction. With LinguistX Platform, developers and online publishers can differentiate their applications, services, and content by identifying concepts automatically. Inxight Summarizer is a software component technology that summarizes a typical document by extracting key sentences from the document in real time. It can be used for any collection of documents including digital libraries, file system management, and information retrieval.

Centra announces Centra 99

Centra Software announced Centra 99, a solution for delivering a full range of live business collaboration across intranets and the Internet. The Centra 99 product suite offers a set of capabilities, options, event templates, and toolkits in a scalable, extensible, and easily deployed “Interprise” system. The combination of the new, no-install Centra CONFERENCE Web client and the collaborative, firewall-friendly Centra SYMPOSIUM client enables Centra 99 to span all internal and external user communities, as well as all geographic and network boundaries. Critical business processes such as 1:1 selling, product launches, and enterprise application training that may have required travel or the use of teleconferencing and component Web technologies are now supported in a single, software system that includes centralized log-in, administration, reporting, security, and content management.

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