UWI.Com, and Commerce One, announced a partnership that will integrate Commerce One’s MarketSite and UWI.Com’s InternetForms System, to streamline the supply chain and bring, XML-based e-commerce to all sizes of trading organizations. The integration allows a trading community’s suppliers to interact with MarketSite using InternetForms, which provides simplified supplier integration into the MarketSite marketplace. Typically, suppliers are small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) who still use costly channels such as paper, email, and fax to perform transactions with a MarketSite trading community. For example, historically a supplier has used email or fax to exchange catalog content updates, status updates, invoices, and purchase orders with its trading community, which were then manually entered into MarketSite. Soon, suppliers will be able to connect to a MarketSite trading community with a web browser, open an InternetForm (for example, a catalog content update), fill it out, sign it and submit it, facilitating e-commerce trading with the community and removing manual entry from the process. www.uwi.com, www.commerceone.com