Inxight Software, and Hewlett-Packard have concluded a licensing agreement for Inxight’s Summarizer and LinguistX Platform software components for use in HP Simple Trax. HP SimpleTrax enables users to save, manage and find files easily on CDs. The two natural language technologies from Inxight enable customers to search for and view summaries of text files on CDs – without necessarily having to replace the CD in the drive first. LinguistX Platform is component technology that uses a natural language approach for automatic meta content and knowledge extraction. With LinguistX Platform, developers and online publishers can differentiate their applications, services, and content by identifying concepts automatically. Inxight Summarizer is a software component technology that summarizes a typical document by extracting key sentences from the document in real time. It can be used for any collection of documents including digital libraries, file system management, and information retrieval.