Multicosm Ltd., a provider of dynamic hypermedia and enterprise knowledge management solutions, announced the availability of its KnowledgeSuite, a flexible framework for managing information and expertise throughout an organization. KnowledgeSuite dynamically records metadata about documents and individuals. The software applies theme extraction and linking technology to find and organize new and archived information, visualize relationships between documents, and enhance a user’s understanding about the areas of expertise of other knowledge workers across an organization. Applications for the product include “super-charged” information retrieval and management, collaborative computing, and expertise identification. The KnowledgeSuite utilizes autonomous agents to monitor selected documents, Web sites, and new information in specified areas of interest. As new documents are presented, they are automatically populated with links to thematically related information on local drives, corporate intranets, and the Web. This allows workers to see their documents in the most up-to-date context and see relevant relationships to similar projects underway in other parts of the company, as well as discover colleagues with similar interests and expertise.