Dataware Technologies, Inc. today announced the Dataware II Knowledge Query Server 2.0, a comprehensive information retrieval solution that seamlessly integrates with corporate intranets — allowing users to simultaneously query multiple information repositories, including internal and external web-based resources such as Lotus Domino databases, document management systems and intranets. Each query returns results in a single, merged and formatted list that is easy for users to understand and act upon. Users need not perform numerous individual searches of knowledge sources inside and outside their organizations — a single search provides a portal to all available information. Knowledge Query Server 2.0 takes advantage of the combined power of leading web search engines — including AltaVista, Northern Light, HotBot, Excite, Fulcrum, Infoseek, Verity, Lycos, Magellan, WebCrawler, DejaNews and other internet or intranet HTTP-compatible search services — and then processes the returns to provide users with unified, intelligently sorted information. Searches can be created to comb multiple intranet-based corporate resources exclusive of the Internet or examine internal and external web-based sources at the same time.