Fivetran announced the launch of two new software developer kits (SDKs) for data source connectors and target destinations. These new SDKs enable third-party vendors to develop new connectors and destinations on Fivetran’s platform – unlocking compatibility with their product and Fivetran’s network of 400+ connectors, 14 destinations and 45,000+ users.

More complex databases and API-enabled software vendors can become Fivetran source partners by writing their own integration on the Connector SDK. Fivetran connectors add value by providing customers with an easy, automated and reliable way to move their data to their destination of choice, efficiently and in an analytic-ready format, for analysis and enrichment with other data. 

Data warehouse, data lake and storage vendors can leverage the destination SDK for Fivetran to allow joint customers to load their critical business data from any of Fivetran’s 400+ connectors to their destination platform. Centralizing data into a single destination empowers customers to access analytical and transactional data for reporting, efficiencies and predictive analytics. The gRPC-based SDK allows connectors and destinations to be written in any supported programming language.