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Day: June 26, 2024

Graph analytics enhanced by GraphAware & Senzing

Senzing announced a partnership with GraphAware, a provider of connected data analytics platforms built on Neo4j. This partnership integrates Senzing entity resolution capabilities into GraphAware Hume, GraphAware’s graph-based enterprise intelligence platform, offering valuable data insights and competitive advantages.

GraphAware clients include financial institutions, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, cyber defense advisories and diverse research organizations. GraphAware Hume allows both analysts and data scientists to easily visualize and monitor complex relationships, detect patterns of suspicious activities, and perform powerful machine-assisted link analysis.

Senzing provides a purpose-built AI for entity resolution. With Senzing entity resolution incorporated into the Hume data intelligence platform, users can:

  • Better validate identities
  • Mitigate signal-to-noise challenges in their data
  • Map connections between individuals and other legal entities (e.g., to discover and clarify Ultimate Beneficial Ownership UBO relationships)
  • Build comprehensive 360-degree views of entities

GraphAware Hume connects a wide range of siloed data sources, ingesting large amounts of structured and unstructured data to establish a single source of truth: the Entity Resolved Knowledge Graph (ERKG). With powerful graph visualization capabilities and the ability to seamlessly connect to services like geospatial data from OpenStreetMap and other data providers, GraphAware Hume enhances insights and intelligence across many critical applications.

Gilbane Advisor 6-26-24 — Building LLMs, Apple PCC architecture

This week we feature articles from Eugene Yan, Bryan Bischof, Charles Frye, Hamel Husain, Jason Liu & Shreya Shankar, and Patrick Walsh.

Additional reading comes from Mel Richey, Emma Roth, and Scott Brinker.

News comes from Adobe, Argo Translation, Netlify, Acrolinx.

Next issue arrives July 3.

All previous issues are available at

Opinion / Analysis

What we learned from a year of building with LLMs (Part I – tactical)

“This is the first of three pieces. It dives into the tactical nuts and bolts of working with LLMs. We share best practices and common pitfalls around prompting, setting up retrieval-augmented generation, applying flow engineering, and evaluation and monitoring.”

Eugene Yan, Bryan Bischof, Charles Frye, Hamel Husain, Jason Liu and Shreya Shankar are experienced practitioners in a variety of roles and projects that collaborated to create a unique and valuable lessons-learned resource. Links to Parts 2 – operational, and Part 3 – strategic, are included. (30 min)

Analysis of Apple’s new AI Private Compute Cloud

As others have noted, there has been a lot of confusion about Apple’s Private Compute Cloud (PCC) architecture. Patrick Walsh provides an easily readable and balanced analysis – well worth a read. (12 min)

More Reading

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Content technology news

Adobe updates Acrobat with GenAI and chat across document types

Adobe brings Firefly features into Acrobat so customers can generate and edit images directly in PDFs, and multi-document chat to AI Assistant.

Argo Translation launches CMSConnect: Slack

AI technology translates Slack messages in real-time, improving global team and customer support productivity.

Netlify announces Adobe Experience Manager headless integration

AEM users can leverage the Netlify headless CMS to streamline workflows and reduce the touchpoints needed across multi-channel projects.

Acrolinx launches new AI capabilities

Get Suggestions, AI Assistant, and AI Guardrails make content creation easier, faster, and compliant with your enterprise content standards.

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