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Day: June 5, 2024

Contentstack updates personalization tools

Contentstack, a creator of the Headless CMS and the Composable DXP category, announced a new solution to address personalization challenges for digital marketers: an overreliance on IT, generic AI content, and manual processes that impede scale. Contentstack’s solution includes new features that are integrated within the headless CMS as well as “no-fail promise” customer support services:

  • Personalize – An A/B/n testing and segmentation engine that removes obstacles tied to the implementation and operationalization of personalized content.
  • Brand Kit– A writing assistant that produces brand-relevant, AI-generated content at scale to align with the brand’s style, messaging, and defined Voice Profiles.
  • New extensions for Contentstack Automate – Teams can now develop fully automated sequences to address the complete lifecycle of personalized content and experiences.
  • Expanded Academy and new AI Accelerator program– Additional tools, training, and support to help achieve success on practical AI use cases within weeks.

Brand Kit sits on top of AI Assistant, the native LLM launched last year. It allows marketers to create high-quality, AI-generated content specific to the brand across all channels and platforms. The process is also fully automated via new AI connectors within Contentstack Automate.

Gilbane Advisor 6-5-24 — AGI hype, AI hype, opportunity & utility

This week we feature articles from Steve Jones, and Arvind Narayanan & Sayash Kapoor.

Additional reading comes from Victor Morgante, Andrej Karpathy, Daniel Tunkelang, and LlamaIndex.

News comes from Sinequa, Perplexity,, and Siteimprove.

Our next issue will arrive May 12.

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Opinion / Analysis

The AGI hype is damaging the AI opportunity

“There are two ways that this hype is damaging the view of AI within businesses today.

  • It sounds like utter snake oil promising that in future it will be great
  • It implies that current AI approaches aren’t good enough”

Steve Jones calls out the hypesters. (6 min)

Scientists should use AI as a tool, not an oracle

AI hype damage is not just bad for business, it’s bad for science. Arvind Narayanan & Sayash Kapoor explain “How AI hype leads to flawed research that fuels more hype”. (6 min)

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Content technology news

Sinequa releases new generative AI assistants

The enterprise domain-specific generative AI assistants integrate with content and applications to augment and transform knowledge work.

Perplexity introduces Perplexity Pages

Pages lets you create, organize, and share information. Search any topic, and instantly receive a well-structured, beautifully formatted article. launches secure unstructured data lakehouse for LLMs

Tonic Textual is specifically architected to meet the complexity, scale, integration and privacy demands of enterprise unstructured data.

Siteimprove launches new product features

New capabilities designed to turn data into easy to understand insights, increase cross-organizational collaboration & facilitate decision making.

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