This week we feature articles from Simon Wardley, and Vincent Koc.

Additional reading comes from Ronny Shani, Sasson Margaliot, and Dharmesh Shah.

News comes from Flux, IBM, Couchbase, and Algolia.

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Opinion / Analysis

AI and the new theocracies

Fascinating, thought-provoking, and certainly concerning. 

Simon Wardley…
“There is far too much AI doom for my liking. However, there is one issue that does concern me. It is not about machines but about people. It is rarely mentioned and mainly arises from attempts to solve the above risks. The thing that gives me concern is the rise of a new Theocracy.”
(18 min)

Generative AI design patterns: a comprehensive guide

Vincent Koc…
“With emerging technologies such as generative AI we lack well documented patterns to ground our solutions. … Here I share a handful of approaches and patterns for generative AI, based on my evaluation of countless production implementations of LLM’s in production. The goal of these patterns is to help mitigate and overcome some of the challenges with generative AI implementations such as cost, latency and hallucinations.”
(8 min)

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Content technology news

Flux launches full release of WordPress on decentralized platform

Making the popular content management system (CMS), WordPress, accessible on a decentralized infrastructure with a scalable web hosting option.

IBM announces availability of open-source Mistral AI model on watsonx

Mixtral-8x7B is the latest open-source model available on watsonx with enterprise-ready AI studio, data store and governance capabilities.,-Expands-Model-Choice-to-Help-Enterprises-Scale-AI-with-Trust-and-Flexibility

Couchbase adds vector search to platform

The database platform to include vector search optimized for running onsite, across clouds, to mobile and IoT devices at the edge.

Algolia adds Looking Similar capability to AI Recommendations

Looking Similar is an AI model that analyzes images in a retailer’s catalog to find and recommend other items that are visually similar.

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