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Day: March 12, 2024

Deepgram launches Aura, a text-to-speech API for real-time, conversational voice AI agents

Deepgram, a provider of speech recognition, natural language processing, and generative AI solutions, announced the public release of Aura, a text-to-speech (TTS) API that delivers human-like quality conversation. Aura is designed for developers who want to build real-time, conversational voice AI agents that can interact with customers, employees, and other users in a natural and engaging way. 

Aura can generate speech from any text input, including responses from LLMs like ChatGPT, in fractions of a second. This enables fluid and natural-sounding conversations with AI agents that can handle complex and dynamic scenarios. Aura offers a selection of diverse voices strongly suited for conversational use cases and preferences requiring the highest degrees of safety, security, speed, and scale.

Aura complements Deepgram’s Nova-2 speech-to-text API. With this release, Deepgram offers developers a complete voice AI platform, giving them the essential building blocks they need – from transcription to sentiment analysis to voice synthesis – to build high throughput, real-time AI agents of the future.

Apache Software Foundation announces Apache Wicket v10

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced Apache Wicket v10.0. Apache Wicket is an open source Java framework that enables developers to create feature rich websites and applications quickly while also using less code.

Since 2006, Apache Wicket has been a go-to framework for elegant, responsive, and simple HTML pages that are well suited for web designers seeking to test the applications they are building. By leveraging the latest features of Java 17 and the specifications of Jakarta Servlet, Apache Wicket 10.0 is a stable and mature framework for web and application developers seeking an efficient way to implement large codebases. Apache Wicket powers thousands of web applications and websites and is utilized worldwide. Apache Wicket 10.0 includes 20 new features, bug fixes and improvements while continuing to support the latest Java technologies. Key highlights of Apache Wicket 10.0 include:

  • To improve JPMS adoption, Apache Wicket 10.0 introduces the new module wicket-tester containing common classes for unit testing. Users of class WicketTester must now include this module as test dependency;
  • Apache Wicket now includes HTTP2 support within the wicket core module; and
  • ByteBuddy has replaced CGLib for creating serializable proxies for classes.

Foxit PDF Editor Suite expands AI capabilities

Foxit, a provider of PDF and eSignature solutions, announced advancements to its AI capabilities across the 2024 Foxit PDF Editor Suite. The enhancements include the introduction of Smart PDF Commands alongside a range of improvements to the existing ChatGPT-based AI Assistant in both the desktop and cloud versions.

Foxit PDF Editor Suite users can now leverage Smart PDF Commands, a new feature designed to streamline document processing workflows. Smart Commands supports over 80 pre-defined actions, including the ability to create and edit PDFs from various sources including images, text files, and webpages as well as combining files, organizing documents and managing forms. Foxit PDF Editor Suite users can easily type in PDF commands to efficiently accomplish tasks like page navigation, document orientation and page extraction.

The enhancements to Foxit PDF Editor Suite also include increased functionality of its ChatGPT-based AI Assistant such as: Automated Summarization, Accelerated Information Retrieval, Effortless Content Search, Chat and Interact, Define and Clarify, Enhance Writing, Fix Spelling and Grammar, and Translate Text and Documents.

 The AI Assistant and Smart PDF Commands integrate into both the Foxit PDF Editor Suite’s Desktop application and Cloud product providing a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of your preferred work environment.

Brightcove announces web-based video editing tool

Brightcove announced it has added web-based video editing capabilities to its streaming technology platform. The new core functionality will add easy-to-use editing that accelerates video creation, management, and publishing workflows. 

Designed to serve the needs of publishers, marketing, social media, HR, and communications professionals, the editing functionality is designed for anyone to use, helping all users leverage its full potential, regardless of their level of video expertise. Brightcove’s web-based video editor allows customers to create content from start to finish within the streaming platform. customers can:

  • Create “snackable” content from longer videos: Repurpose existing video content by editing recordings into clips, highlight reels, or condensed versions for specific audiences. Users can trim and cut sections within larger videos or merge points to create new clips, reels, or highlights, and add graphics, logos, music, artwork.
  • Package Employee-Generated Content: Users can source and edit recordings from other contributors into a finalized video.
  • Develop Promotional Video Content: Edit video content with customizable templates for promotions, campaign purposes, and personalized content.
  • Edit video for various channels: Edit or crop brand-ready content to distribute to different channels for broader reach while meeting requirements for specific aspect ratios, including vertical videos.

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