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Day: February 7, 2024

Digimarc releases their next-generation digital watermarks

Digimarc Corporation a provider of digital watermarking technologies, announced the availability of its next-generation digital watermarks featuring more advanced security and greater access control. Digimarc’s next-generation digital watermarks have also been optimized to efficiently address multiple use cases while simultaneously delivering pronounced improvements in both imperceptibility and performance. The latest improvements include:

Advanced Security — Digimarc digital watermarks leverage enhanced encryption techniques requiring an authorized private key to detect and decode, strengthening data security by ensuring information is protected in transit to and from the Digimarc Illuminate platform (cloud or edge server).

Greater Control — Data access controls allow companies to provide different audiences with different information for different purposes. Access to the data associated with the digital watermarks can also be limited, revoked, or changed at any point and in real time.

Improved Adaptability — Digimarc digital watermarks retrieve dynamic data from the Digimarc Illuminate platform (cloud or edge server), delivering specific information based on context, purpose, and permissions.

Increased Imperceptibility — Our latest advancements in digital watermarking technology deliver increased covertness and more robust reading performance.

Extended Distance Detection — Digimarc digital watermarks are optimized to leverage improvements in machine vision and inspection camera technology to increase distance reading.

Gilbane Advisor 2-7-24 — RAG recursive retrieval, AI for 3D rendering

This week we feature articles from Chia Jeng Yang, and Antoine Vidal.

Additional reading comes from AI2 Blog, Jarno van Driel, Anthony Alcaraz, and Manuel Faysse.

News comes from Fivetran & dbt Labs, Mindbreeze & Ariza, Box, and Quark.

All previous issues are available at

Opinion / Analysis

Advanced RAG and the 3 types of recursive retrieval

Chia Jeng Yang…
“In this article, we dive into the different ways to use Recursive or Iterative Retrieval to help develop self-learning RAG systems that are able to learn over time, and to deeply explore unstructured data, either autonomously, or in directions that you point the knowledge graph to.” (7 min)

Using AI for 3D rendering — a practical guide for designers

Antoine Vidal…
“The slow, meticulous process of creating high-quality renders is often incompatible with the fast pace required from early concept ideation. How do we find that balance?” (11 min)

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Content technology news

Fivetran introduces dbt Cloud orchestration integration

Integration enables joint customers to automate transformations post data load, reducing latency, cutting costs, and unlocking data’s potential. ■

Mindbreeze and Ariza Content Solutions partner

The partnership expects to employ and enhance insights & search experiences and provide companies with better content management capabilities. ■

Box announces Box App for Apple Vision Pro

The uniquely immersive experiences and infinite desktop of visionOS transforms how people work with content in the secure Box Content Cloud.

Quark announces QPP NextGen v3.3

Newest release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen includes more built-in AI functionality to transform content operations processes.

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