This week we feature articles from Chua Chin Hon, and Arvind Narayanan & Sayash Kapoor.

Additional reading comes from Anna Kaley & Maria Rosala, Michael Parekh, Chenxin Li, and Sergey Levine & Karol Hausman.

News comes from Ontotext, DataStax, Pinecone, and Altova.

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Opinion / Analysis

Fight fire with fire? Building and testing a custom AI-powered fact checker

Chua Chin Hon has been testing available fact checking software, as well as building his own since 2021 and found them all seriously lacking. His latest attempt is built with Custom GPT combined with Bing which he says significantly outperforms all of them. He explains how he did it without any coding. Especially interesting, not to mention timely, is his experience with newsrooms which he uses as a test case. (13 min)

Using the recent New York Times complaint about Open AI, Arvind Narayanan & Sayash Kapoor explain why the case is so complex, and why GenAI “Output similarity is a distraction. Training is the real problem.” (7 min)

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Content technology news

DataStax launches Data API to simplify GenAI application development

Also included is an updated developer experience for DataStax Astra DB, a vector database for building production-level AI applications.

Ontotext’s GraphDB available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The GraphDB listing  provides customers with a consolidated purchasing environment and integration with their existing Azure accounts.

Pinecone announces Pinecone Serverless

Pinecone Serverless is launching with integrations to Anthropic, Anyscale, Cohere, Confluent, Langchain, Pulumi, and Vercel.

Altova announces MobileTogether 9.0

This release introduces full support for MQTT allowing developers to build MQTT-enabled apps for communication among smart devices.

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