This week we feature articles from Michael Andrews and Mike Loukides.

Additional reading comes from Alan Morrison, Cobus Greyling, Thomas Macaulay, and Nicholas Megaw.

News comes from Transperfect & Sitecore, OpenAI, Brightcove & Socialive, and Elastic.

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Opinion / Analysis

How to compare CMSs, objectively

“There are literally hundreds of CMSs on the market, possibly thousands. So much choice, but often so little satisfaction, judging by the gripes of end-users. Why is the right option so muddled? Old CMS vendors soldier on, and new ones enter the market all the time, promising a better future. How do we make sense of this?”

Michael Andrews provides some help. He argues for benchmarking usability, and illustrates how using the recently proposed Enterprise System Usability Scale (ESUS). (7 min)

Creativity isn’t just remixing

Mike Loukides has a delightful post on generative AI and creativity. His conclusion is uncontroversial, but his discussion is a gem.

“It’s amazing that an AI system can produce derivative works, but we have to remember that they are derivative works. And we have to recognize that AI, as a tool for artists, makes perfect sense. Just as we don’t confuse the artist’s creativity with the paintbrush, we shouldn’t confuse their creativity with the AI.” (8 min)

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Content technology news

TransPerfect announces integrated translation solution for Sitecore XM Cloud

The integration provides the ability to create, manage, and deliver multilingual content with an enterprise content management system (CMS). ■

OpenAI introduces custom GPTs

You can now create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills.

Brightcove and Socialive partner

Brightcove customers can leverage Socialive’s remote production features to improve their content operations for internal communications. ■

Elastic unveils Elasticsearch Query Language (ES|QL)

The dedicated query language to simplify data investigation enables data aggregation and transformation within a single query.

All content technology news

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