This week we feature articles from Cassidy Trier, and Dan McCreary.

Additional reading comes from Kim Salazar, Tim Neusesser & Nishi Chitale, David Pierce, Petar Veličković, and Kurt Cagle.

News comes from Netlify, Language Weaver, dbt Labs, and OpenLink Software.

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Opinion / Analysis

Case Study: Iterative design for skimming support

As you know, I often recommend academic and technical papers to read. I do so because it is the only way to keep up with the rapidly changing areas I cover. I recommend papers that I think you can learn from without having a math PhD, or other deep technical expertise. I just ran across Semantic Scholar, a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature from the Allen Institute for AI. I have just started playing with it (it is still in beta), and I think it has promise for technical researchers, but also for less technical analysts and strategists. Cassidy Trier provides a good introduction with links to try it out, and provide feedback. (7 min)

The Jellyfish and the Flatworm

“Many executives are pondering difficult decisions about making large investments in AI. For many of them, their lack of a technical background makes it difficult for them to visualize the impact of AI on their customers, their products, and their employees. To help executives make the right strategic decisions, we need powerful storytelling in terms they can understand and remember.” Dan McCreary provides one. (9 min)

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Content technology news

Netlify announces Composable Web Platform

The platform unifies content, data sources, code and infrastructure with your chosen components integrated into a single workflow.

Language Weaver extends neural machine translation capabilities with LLMs

To accelerate development and deployment of generative AI to enhance the capabilities of its secure, AI-powered machine translation platform.

dbt Labs announces the next generation of dbt Semantic Layer

New features: Dynamic join support, optimized query plans and SQL generation, expanded data platform support, a new integration with Tableau.

A practical application of a Knowledge Graph-driven Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for modern knowledge discovery and exploration.

All content technology news

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