InfluxData, creator of the time series platform InfluxDB, announced InfluxDB Clustered, its self-managed time series database for on-premises or private cloud deployments. With the release of InfluxDB Clustered, InfluxData completes its commercial product line developed on InfluxDB 3.0, its rebuilt database engine optimized for real-time analytics with higher performance, unlimited cardinality, and SQL support. 

InfluxDB Clustered is the evolution of InfluxDB Enterprise, InfluxData’s enterprise software product for on-premises and private cloud environments. Now with the release of InfluxDB Clustered, those same customers gain all the capabilities of the reimagined InfluxDB 3.0, but now specifically packaged and configured for their own unique hosting environments and data storage requirements. Deployed natively in Kubernetes, InfluxDB Clustered combines the scale and flexibility of the cloud with the security and control of a self-managed infrastructure.

InfluxData also recently announced the availability of InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated, a fully managed and scalable single-tenant InfluxDB cluster based on the InfluxDB 3.0 architecture and intended for large-scale time series workloads. Together, InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated and InfluxDB Clustered give enterprises multiple options in how they manage and scale time series workloads, whether in the cloud, in their own environment, or in combination for hybrid environments.