This week we feature articles by Mike Loukides, and Danilo Najkov.

Additional reading comes from Maria Stasimioti, Sarah K. White, Natasha Lomas, and Wangchunshu Zhou, Ningyu Zhang, Peng Cui, et al.

News comes from Adobe, Acquia, Netlify, and Cloudinary.

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Opinion / Analysis

The real problem with software development

“It’s not writing code, it’s managing complexity”. So true. Mike Loukides has an excellent piece explaining what this means for modern software development, and for the utility of generative AI coding. This non-technical article (no code) is useful for anyone who has to make decisions about, or understand, software development projects, strategy, or operations. (5 min)

Unlocking the power of facial blurring in media: A comprehensive exploration and model comparison

Danilo Najkov reports on his project to understand how face detection and blurring is currently being accomplished. He compares algorithms used, and provides visual examples, and a web application he built to do so. (12 min)

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Content technology news

Adobe unveils Adobe GenStudio for enterprises

Solution combines content ideation, creation, production and activation to support the enterprise content supply chain with generative AI.

Acquia adds generative AI to digital asset management platform

Native integration for AI-generated product and image descriptions to speed time to market for digital assets used across customer channels.

Netlify announces Software Developer Kit (SDK)

New suite to accelerate modern web development for enterprise developers with a streamlined, accelerated path to composable web architecture.

Cloudinary updates Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform

Studio is a new feature that allows allows non-technical users to quickly adapt images and video with built-in generative AI capabilities.

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