This week we feature articles by Reggie Raye & K. Alexandria Bond, and Michael Blau.

Additional reading comes from Tom Krazit, Carl Franzen, Lukas Blecher, Guillem Cucurull, Thomas Scialom & Robert Stojnic, and Paul Baier, Jimmy Hexter, & John J. Sviokla.

News comes from Kobai & Databricks, Merkle, InfluxData, and Neo4j.

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Opinion / Analysis

Text-to-CAD: risks and opportunities

I haven’t seen much discussion of generative AI and 3D, where the output is a 3D CAD model rather than an image, but of course this is already a thing. Reggie Raye & K. Alexandria Bond provide a readable and useful overview of some tools to use, as well as advice on dealing with the unique design and engineering applicable. (12 min)

Secrets, and how to prove them: A magician’s guide to zero-knowledge proofs

If you’ve read multiple explanations of what a zero-knowledge proof is and you’re not convinced you’ve quite got the hang of it, or you are confident you have, but are looking for a non-technical explanation, you know, for a friend, you’ll appreciate this short demo and explanation by magician by Michael Blau — though he keeps his secret. He also works with crypto investors. (3 min)

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Content technology news

Merkle launches global composable commerce accelerator for Salesforce Commerce

Developed to work with Contentful and Magnolia content management systems, the accelerator extends Salesforce Commerce Cloud and streamlines integration.

InfluxData Announces InfluxDB Clustered

The rebuilt database engine is optimized for real-time analytics with higher performance, unlimited cardinality, and SQL support.

Kobai announces partnership with Databricks

Kobai’s Saturn platform is embedded directly in the data layer, allowing organizations to query data without moving it from the lakehouse.

Neo4j adds vector search within its native graph database

Enables customers to achieve richer insights from semantic search and generative AI applications, and serve as long-term memory.

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