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Day: June 28, 2023

Databricks announces LakehouseIQ

Databricks announced LakehouseIQ, a knowledge engine that learns what makes an organization’s data, culture and operations unique. LakehouseIQ uses generative AI to understand jargon, data usage patterns, organizational structure, and more to answer questions within the context of a business. Anyone in an organization can interact with LakehouseIQ using natural language to search, understand, and query data. LakehouseIQ is fully integrated with Databricks Unity Catalog to help ensure that democratizing access to data adheres to internal security and governance rules.

LakehouseIQ learns from signals within an organization using schemas, documents, queries, popularity, lineage, notebooks, and BI dashboards to gain intelligence as it answers more queries. LakehouseIQ helps employees get immediate answers to questions without requiring that they possess the technical skill required by traditional data analysis tools. The engine understands their unique business jargon and context to more accurately interpret the intent of the question, and can even generate additional insights that could spur new questions or lines of thinking. With LakehouseIQ, every employee, not just data scientists, can unlock the full potential of internal corporate data to make better, more informed decisions. The Databricks Assistant, powered by LakehouseIQ, is in preview.

Gilbane Advisor 6-28-23 — LLM KG roadmap, AI2 public service

This week we feature articles from Shirui Pan, Linhao Luo, Yufei Wang, Chen Chen, Jiapu Wang & Xindong Wu, and Maria Antoniak, Li Lucy, Maarten Sap & Luca Soldaini.

Additional reading comes from Jon Udell, Fabio Matricardi, Mark Sundstrom, and Rhiannon Williams.

News comes from MongoDB, Drupal, Databricks, and Bloomreach & Shopware.

Note: We’ll be off next week and back on July 12th.

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Opinion / Analysis

Unifying large language models and knowledge graphs: A roadmap

We’ve been focused mostly on practitioner-authored articles on this topic. This comprehensive paper is a useful resource for practitioners, strategists, and researchers alike. It is well written and illustrated, and a valuable reference that will come in handy at multiple points in related projects. (50 min)

Using large language models with care

This is not news, but researchers Maria Antoniak, Li Lucy, Maarten Sap, and Luca Soldaini from The Allen Institute provide an important public service with their “introductory outline of the risks of LLMs, written for the everyday user.” This will be directly helpful to some of us, but especially useful for sharing with certain colleagues, or family and friends. (11 min)

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Content technology news

MongoDB launches five new capabilities for MongoDB Atlas

The new MongoDB features can help speed up innovation by standardizing workloads on a single developer data platform across the enterprise.

Drupal 10.1 is now available

Customizing the look of your site easier, adds support for decoupled navigation, improves content modeling and editing, block management…

Databricks announces Lakehouse Apps

Databricks customers will be able to discover, deploy, and manage data and AI applications directly from Databricks.

Bloomreach and Shopware partner

Bloomreach’s marketing automation, product discovery, and content management will enhance Shopware e-commerce customer’s customer journeys. ■

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