This week we feature content from Barr Moses & Shane Murray, and Peter Lawrence.

Additional reading comes from Jay Graber, Kingsley Uyi Idehen, Stanford, and the National Science Foundation.

News comes from Expert[.]ai & Reveal Group, Databricks, Algolia, and Stilo.

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Opinion / Analysis

Zero-ETL, ChatGPT, and the future of data engineering

“The post-modern data stack is coming. Are we ready?”.

Barr Moses & Shane Murray aim to help you prepare with this very readable post on promising components of future data stacks. (9 min)

Knowledge Graphs + Large Language Models = The ability for users to ask their own questions?

One area the article recommended above doesn’t address is the incorporation of knowledge graphs in data stacks. This is an area we are keenly interested in, especially in combination with LLMs. Peter Lawrence examines what may seem a less-than-obvious use-case (digital twins) for such a combination, and describes how a knowledge graph can be used to train an LLM to be significantly more valuable. He also illustrates why it is not easy. (12 min)

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Content technology news

Expert[.]ai and Reveal Group partner to combine NLP and RPA

Expert[.]ai and Reveal Group partner to combine NLP and RPA — To help organizations extend the value in intelligent automation programs with natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU). ■

Databricks announces Lakehouse for Manufacturing

Lakehouse for Manufacturing offers pre-built solutions, partner-designed Brickbuilder offerings and integrated AI capabilities.

Algolia introduces developer-friendly plan 

The AI Search and Discovery platform’s two new plans include a “Build” plan that is free and a “Grow” plan that offers low-priced scalability.

Stilo launches Migrate 5.0 

Migrate 5 provides automated content conversion from legacy content to structured DITA XML.

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