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Day: April 19, 2023

Bloomreach integrates ChatGPT with CMS

Bloomreach announced an integration of OpenAI with Bloomreach Content, the company’s headless content management solution (CMS). Through the Bloomreach Content marketplace, businesses can now easily install OpenAI’s ChatGPT Text Generator, a writing assistant designed to support the creation and integration of text into e-commerce web pages.

With ChatGPT, Bloomreach Content users can recognize time savings and increased efficiency in their content creation. It can generate ideas, write articles, and even proofread content, helping users feel confident that content published on the CMS is high quality and free of errors. It can also further personalization efforts, enhancing the customer experience by using data from the CMS to tailor content for individual users. In addition, utilizing ChatGPT within Bloomreach Content enables business users to more easily scale their content efforts across the site, reducing user workloads while maintaining the voice of the brand throughout content. The ChatGPT Text Generator is available for installation through the Bloomreach Content marketplace.

Gilbane Advisor 4-19-23 — Objaverse, ChatGPTing with large docs

This week we feature articles from Matt Deitke, and Sung Kim.

Additional reading comes from Mike Masnick, Lior Sinclair, Tim Schopf, and Daniel Tunkelang.

News comes from Adobe, Brightspot, Stardog, and Bloomreach.

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Opinion / Analysis

Objaverse: A universe of annotated 3D objects

Recent advancements in computer vision… and natural language processing… were made possible by the availability of massive datasets. However, existing 3D datasets, such as ShapeNet, are limited in scale and diversity, consisting of only 50,000 objects. In response, we on the PRIOR team at AI2 have developed Objaverse, a vast dataset with nearly 1 million annotated 3D objects, complete with descriptive captions, tags, and animations.” 

(2 min) until you start exploring this free resource.

Chat with document(s) using OpenAI ChatGPT API and text embedding

“Have you ever wondered how these applications are able to chat with documents that are over 100 or even 1,000 pages long, whereas if you try to do the same thing with ChatGPT, you will get an error message…”

Business analyst Sung Kim shares details of how he assembled a solution to chat with documents, PDFs, and books using ChatGPT API and text embedding. (13 min)

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Content technology news

Adobe expands collaboration platform beyond video

Frame[.]io now includes rich support for photos and PDFs, helping more teams to seamlessly collaborate in a centralized cloud-based workspace.

Brightspot expands partner program

To offer comprehensive implementation and maintenance options for building digital, web and content experiences using Brightspot CMS.

Stardog introduces Stardog 9

The knowledge graph powered semantic layer has new integrations for Azure Synapse, Collibra Data Governance and Databricks.

Bloomreach unveils SMS marketing updates 

The TCPA List Validation feature removes reassigned or deactivated numbers from send lists, and numbers on state and national Do Not Call registries.

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