Algolia, a AI Search and Discovery platform, evolved its pricing and packaging to be more developer-friendly with the introduction of two new developer-oriented plans: a “Build” plan that is free and a “Grow” plan that offers easy scalability at affordable prices. The new Build plan increases the number of free records that a developer can store in Algolia from 10,000 to now 1 million records. Additionally, Algolia cut the cost of search requests in its Grow plan by 50% and records by 60%.

Algolia’s “Build” pricing plan provides developers with free access to the entire set of capabilities in its AI-powered Search and Discovery platform. The company’s “Grow” plan, for when a developer is ready to scale their application, enables developers with more developer-friendly usage-based pricing for live production settings.

A designer, creator, or builder, whether they are a casual or fully committed software engineer, can access all the tools, documentation, sample code, educational content, and cross-platform integration capabilities needed to get started with managing their data, building a search front-end, configuring analytics for free. They will have access to a developer community of more than 5 million builders. Algolia pricing and packaging reflecting this change is immediately available.