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Day: March 21, 2023

Kobai launches Saturn Knowledge Graph

Kobai, a codeless knowledge graph platform, announced the availability of Kobai Saturn, a knowledge graph to harness the scale, performance, and cost efficiency of the lakehouse architecture. Kobai Saturn extends the capabilities of the Kobai Platform, integrating every use case and function into a single semantic layer.

Business users need quick insights to make day-to-day decisions, which require connected data from data from across the enterprise. With Kobai Saturn, organizations can leverage the ease of knowledge graphs with the scalability of a data warehouse. New capabilities include:

  • Direct integration: embedded in the data layer, organizations can query data without moving it from the lake or warehouse, following W3C and Lakehouse open standards for complete interoperability
  • Improved performance: on-demand and burstable compute leveraging the underlying data layer for faster graph queries and ML training without virtualization
  • Seamless collaboration: publish business question as SQL views to integrate with existing data science and business intelligence tools

Kobai’s codeless platform provides a business-first approach and a collaborative environment to rapidly share insights across the entire organization. The new Kobai Saturn knowledge graph works directly with Kobai’s Studio framework and Tower visualization products.

Adobe announces multiple product updates

At Adobe Summit Adobe unveiled a wide range of product updates across Adobe Experience Cloud, a customer experience management solution, and Adobe Creative Cloud a platform for creating compelling content, to help brands drive experience-led growth.

Adobe debuted new Adobe Sensei GenAI services, including Adobe Firefly – a new family of creative generative AI models, as well as new generative AI innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud to power marketing workflows. The company also announced new Adobe Product Analytics and a reimagined content management solution enabling marketers to self-serve website and mobile app edits.

Adobe unveiled Adobe Express for Enterprise, allowing anyone within an organization to rapidly create and iterate content, regardless of their creative skill level. Adobe also announced a Content Supply Chain solution, made possible through Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud that connect popular tools for planning, creating, reviewing and distributing creative collateral so teams can collaborate more efficiently.

AI and generative AI services will be integrated natively in Adobe Experience Cloud as a co-pilot for marketers, improving productivity and efficiency while providing full creative control and trusted governance capabilities. Sensei GenAI will leverage multiple large language models (LLMs) including Microsoft Azure OpenAI and FLAN-T5 within Adobe Experience Platform, depending on business needs.

Ontotext releases Metadata Studio 3.2

Ontotext, a provider of enterprise knowledge graph (EKG) technology and semantic database engines, released Ontotext Metadata Studio version 3.2. The metadata management and tagging control solution helps organizations to transform content into knowledge. Users can utilize the taxonomical instance data in their knowledge graph to achieve explainable and customizable out-of-the-box taxonomy-driven tagging.

Ontotext Metadata Studio 3.2 makes it easy for users to determine whether a use case could be automated or not across any third-party text mining service, simplifies orchestrating complex text analysis across third-party services, and evaluates their quality against internal benchmarks or against one another.

With version 3.2, Ontotext Metadata Studio enables non-technical end users to create, evaluate, and improve the quality of their text analytics service by tagging and linking against their own business domain model. With extensive explainability and control features, users who are not proficient in text analytics techniques can understand the causal relationships between the underlying dataset, the specific text analytics service configuration, and the final output.

This enhancement enables efficient user intervention, making the human truly in the loop and completely in control of the whole extraction process. Ontotext Metadata Studio is domain neutral and applicable for various domains and use cases.

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