AesirX Content is an open source, headless content management system (CMS) designed for agencies and developers building custom websites. It comes with migrators for WordPress and Joomla! The freemium edition includes marketing automation software (DMA), asset management and storage (DAM), 1st-party analytics, intelligent business insights, and Single Sign On, facilitated by Concordium’s zero knowledge ID technology.

Concordium’s zero Knowledge ID layer ensures that users can share their data with businesses while remaining anonymous. Concordium’s blockchain technology allows users to store and verify their data and allows for cross-site tracking.

The Community Edition is a free Open Source option for individual developers who want to explore a modern stack of headless microservices. This freemium version, downloadable from GitHub, comes with DMA for content marketing automation and DAM for digital asset handling. Also included within the free Open Source tier is both AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI technologies. Additional tiers include: Starter Edition – $49 for start-ups, Team Edition $99 for small to medium teams, Growth Edition $249 for growing organizations, and a fully hosted and managed Enterprise Edition $1,000.