This week we feature articles by Raluca Budiu and Tony Seale.

Additional reading from Heather Hedden, Michael Lodato, and Raymond Camden.

News comes from Progress Software & Marklogic, Confluent & Immerok, and Crownpeak & CI&T.

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Opinion / Analysis

The state of mobile user experience

Raluca Budiu haș a useful update on mobile UX. It has improved overall – so much so that you may have missed some of the details (as I did!). Badiu’s report is helpful for designers and developers, but also for users who can improve their own experience by learning what has changed. (8 min).

Building your connected data catalog

In November we recommended an article by Tony Seale on how you can more effectively manage data by inverting the data growth and integration problems within your organization based on a model inspired by This post follows-up with a look at how using a shared definition of a data catalog contributes to the same goal. While this is technically doable, as Seale points out it can be difficult organizationally. But it is still important to understand and consider the possibilities for strategic planning. (11 min).

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Content technology news

Progress to acquire MarkLogic

Adds multi-model NoSQL database, semantic metadata management, and AI capabilities to its portfolio of products.

Confluent to acquire Immerok

Confluent plans to accelerate the launch of a Flink offering that is compatible with its managed Kafka service, Confluent Cloud.

CI&T and Crownpeak partner

The retail digital experience platform uses a composable commerce architecture with reusable components to support specialty retail.

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