The latest post from Girish Altekar on Intrepid technology and applications*. The introductory post is here and all our re-published intrepid posts are here.

If you have read the previous posts on Intrepids (see below), you understand how Intrepids empower individuals to manage and reuse their data efficiently while enhancing data privacy, increasing data control, and facilitating genuine competitiveness in marketplaces they are interested in. Above all, using Intrepids is a liberating experience for data owners as, untethered from call centers, complex web sites, and repeated data entry, data owners are free to go about their lives feeling secure about their personal data and knowing that their Intrepid driven requests are being honored accurately.

Businesses benefit also. The authentication and accuracy that is built into Intrepid driven data transfer empowers business applications to rely on actual dependable user data, instead of screen scraping and heuristics. Dependable data reduces the need for data verification and cleansing and drives the creation of new innovative applications that reduce business costs and improve customer experience. We have used Intrepids in sales applications where sales reps need to provide the same quote to multiple customers repeatedly.

Status and related websites belong to DeepCoolClear, LLC, a small business based in Austin, TX, with related interests in managed WIFI/Broadband services. 

We are a pre-revenue startup, but we hope you agree that we have accomplished much in building the base Intrepid platform, identifying, and building upon the initial applications and vocabularies. All our development to date has been funded internally.

We continue to work on making our platform robust. We are adding features that make Intrepids easy to use by individuals and for businesses to adopt. Our platform supports easy integration of Intrepids on business websites, super-fast design, and implementation of new vocabularies, and incorporates standard software engineering elements such as backward compatibility, Intrepid versioning, scalability, etc. Intrepids use a self-encrypting / decrypting mechanism that can be turned off and on a per vocabulary basis. Blockchain is under consideration for future development.

We also continue to work on a smartphone app that can receive Intrepids and create an Intrepid repository on a smartphone. From there, the app allows easy search of the repository to select and post an Intrepid to the receiver using NFC, Bluetooth, and other mechanisms.

These posts are intended to generate two kinds of interest.

  • We want to see if there is user interest in a privacy mechanism such as Intrepids. Please feel free to try out any application and give us your feedback if you think Intrepids, if/when widely adopted, may be useful to you.
  • We are also looking for strategic business partners who may be interested in exploring the use of Intrepids for their businesses and customers. Remember that any repetitive or burdensome data transfer can be eliminated by using Intrepids.

Work with …

Strategic Partnerships

The circular problem that reduces incentives and limits Intrepid adoption is real and it will take time to get the flywheel rotating for the most general Intrepid use cases. Nevertheless, as demonstrated in these posts, there are many applications that businesses can deploy today, even if only to their customers, that deliver Intrepid benefits to their business and their customers. 

We welcome interest in such strategic partnerships and other forms of collaboration / investment / JV from businesses who share our vision of putting data owners in control of their own data. 

Intrepids for Entrepreneurs

We believe the Intrepid technology will find a natural home with entrepreneurs. Setting aside the few “horizontal” Intrepids, most Intrepids are “verticals” unto themselves. We have shown a few applications in these posts here, and entrepreneurs with domain knowledge in areas we haven’t explored will know of other Intrepid applications where Intrepid technology can be used to eliminate repetitive tasks with innovative applications. Individuals who share our passion and commitment about convenience, security, and privacy are invited to take these ideas forward.

By design, most Intrepids can be viewed as separate lines of business that entrepreneurs can grow with their domain knowledge and connections relevant to the specific market.

Intrepids for Investors

Intrepids are a new and innovative mechanism. The work we have produced is of value collectively, but we don’t believe the underlying ideas are protectable IP. And so, other than an idea that we believe in, we don’t have anything to offer to investors just yet. We welcome interest.

*Disclosure: I am an advisor to the Intrepid team.

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