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Starting with GDPR in EU and CCPA in California, the consumer privacy regulatory regimes empower consumers to instruct businesses on how their personal data is to be used. We are not experts on these regulations, but it seems to us that requiring businesses to follow consumer preferences on data use is not very useful if there are no easy mechanisms for consumers to transmit these preferences to businesses. No one is going to fill out forms at each website they visit instructing them on their preferences.

Check out the CCPA ( and the GDPR ( data directive Intrepids and visit the MyDataPrefs (MDP) ( application. These Intrepids allow users to capture their data privacy preferences in a structured format so they can be transmitted to a business existing under specific regulatory jurisdictions. 

MDP, an overlay application that uses the Intrepid technology, enables users to create their own data preference Intrepids. When directed by users, it will (eventually) transmit these preferences to well-known applications (if required by the Regulations) at businesses. 

We have not done this yet, but we plan to incorporate these preference directives into browser extensions that automatically transmit these preferences to every website the user visits. The return response can be saved as the evidence of the data preference transmittal and can be used to audit and track businesses for compliance. 

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