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If you have visited a health care provider recently, it is likely that your office visit began with a request to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out some paperwork. Certainly, this is the case when you visit a new provider, but even existing providers want periodic updates on your health history. 

Check out the Health Profile Intrepid (PHP) – if you wish to avoid this drudgery. You can create a structured version of your health profile that captures personal information, insurance information, family history, health conditions, medicines and dosage, vaccine information, allergy information, surgery, and hospitalization information. When asked for this information, you simply transmit this data into the provider’s EHR system where it is stored appropriately (note rekeying of data not required).

You can also use MyVitalHealthData (MVH) – for creating and transmitting Intrepids to your service providers. MVH, an overlay application that uses the Intrepid technology, will eventually enable patients to directly transmit their PHP to their care providers, should they accept Intrepids. If your current provider doesn’t accept Intrepids, you can still print your PHP from MVH, and deliver it to them, if you prefer not to fill out forms sitting in their offices.

We know Health Information is intensely personal and private. MVH and the Intrepid applications do NOT store any of your data; all data is purged when transmitted to you or your care provider. 

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*Disclosure: I am an advisor to the Intrepid team.